Wellesley MA

Home of the famous Wellesley College, the town of Wellesley is a very popular location in the United States with a tremendous amount of history behind it as can be assumed by its location. The Greater Boston area is a place that is known and referenced worldwide, and is a key point in the US. Other notable places in Wellesley is the Massachusetts Bay Community College, and Olin College which is a prestigious Engineering School.

Residents of this town are generally very wealthy and chances are if you were to meet a random resident of Wellesley, they’d likely be somewhere above middle class. In 2007 it was announced that the median income for a household in Wellesley was over $125,000, much higher than the national average.

Early History of Wellesley

The first settlers in Wellesley came all the way back in the 1630s, and originally the land was a part of the city of Dedham, Massachusetts. Eventually, that would change and the land would later be known as a part of the city of Needham, more specifically it would be referenced as West Needham, Massachusetts. Finally, 250 years after the land was first settled upon it would become what it is known as today, Wellesley, Massachusetts.

Residents of West Needham decided to push for a vote to officially separate from the town of Needham and become their own town. The vote would inevitably pass and on April 6th, 1881, the town would officially be proclaimed Wellesley, Massachusetts and the residents would take a piece of land that was just a part of something bigger for over two centuries and turn it into its own establishment.

The turn of the 20th Century for Wellesley

Ever since the town became self-sufficient in the 1880’s, things have only been moving forward for its residents. Not much change happened the first 40 years for Wellesley as they took this time to establish some of the town’s major landmarks and early history. However, during the 1920’s the town saw a tremendous increase in popularity and the population itself almost doubled, by creating an 80% increase.

Over the next three decades Wellesley continued to see a sharp increase in population, the 30’s brought in a 32% increase in population, and the 40’s brought in an even high 36%, things stayed good in the 50’s but began to show signs of slowing down with a 27% increase (a noticeable drop from the previous decade).

Recent years in Wellesley, Massachusetts

The population in Wellesley was just over 28,000 at the beginning of the 1970’s, and things had been increasing heavily the past 50 years. However, the population increase would reach a sudden halt, but this isn’t so much due to a decline in the quality of Wellesley as much as there just wasn’t the availability there was before and the glamour of a relatively new and prosperous city wasn’t as true. Wellesley would see just a 7.5% increase in population during the 1970s, a near 20% drop from the previous decade.

In the 80’s, the town would receive its first drop in population of -3%, followed by a -2% during the 90’s. During the turn of the 21st century things were slowly going back up for Wellesley, the town managed to break even for population, and in the 2010’s there was a 5% population increase, the first increase the town had seen since the 70’s.

The future of Wellesley

It is uncertain what the future holds for Wellesley, things certainly seem to be getting back on track, and with how rough the economy has been throughout the past decade that is a fantastic sign for residents of the town. If the economy continues you to grow, we should see a re-ignited spark in the popularity for this beloved town.

There is definitely a high level of intelligence for the residents and big shots of this town, it is the highest ranking town in the United States in regards to percentage of adults who hold a college degree with over 66%. Forbes has ranked Wellesley as #2 in the United States most Educated Small Towns. Certainly the prestigious schooling offered in the small town of Wellesley is a major contributing factor in its excellent educational rankings among the nation.

Perhaps the 2020’s will be a very prosperous decade for Wellesley just as the 1920’s helped spark a major interest in this town across the country.


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